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Friendly. Scientific. Intelligent.

Rugu provides scientifically proven interview technlogy to help make the interview and assessment process

fun, fast and engaging for recruiters and job-seekers.


Scientific and Intelligent

Rugu offers AI-based human resource Software as a Service (HR SaaS). Rugu is unique because of its proprietary assessments which are developed in-house by the founders, who are experts in social psychology. Additionally, Rugu's theory-based artificial intelligence system uses pre-determined criteria to mitigate biases and objectively shortlist candidates. This approach sets Rugu apart in the market and positions itself as a leader in AI-based human resources.


Rugu’s interview assessments are designed using years of social-psychological research and teaching.


Rugu’s AI-based live interviews are designed based on solid foundation of HR theory, research and practice.

Fun and Fast

Job-seekers participate in a series of games, quizzes, tasks, and AI-interviews. The order of components is determined intelligently by Rugu’s proprietary AI.

During the interview process, Rugu’s mascot, Roe-Roe, guides the candidate throughout the process to ensure the AI system is user-friendly and easy to relate to.

Unlike other platforms, candidates do not interact solely with a computer, but with our mascots, making the experience more like playing a computer game.


Psychology-Based Assessments

Decision-making, particularly in regards to the issues of biases and errors, is a highly influential topic in social psychology and behavioral economics. Rugu is built on decades of research in this area, and our team actively contributes to high-quality teaching and research. We have published over 60 top-tier papers in this domain, a level of expertise unmatched by our competitors. With our knowledge and experience, Rugu aims to achieve the most accurate predictions in personnel selection.


AI Evaluations

After the interview, Rugu automatically analyzes the responses using AI algorithms and compiles the results in the form of a report card. This report card can be revealed to job-seekers for a fee. Job-seekers can then choose to manually send the report card to companies or use Rugu's matching service to connect them with the appropriate companies. Decision-makers can use the report card to rank candi- dates and select the most suitable ones. It's that simple!


Rugu’s Product and Services

Assessment and Interview Platform

For employers and job-seekers

  • Take assessment online

  • Take interviews online

  • View results online

Employers and job-seekers can access Rugu’s service through Rugu’s online platform anywhere and anytime. 
Rugu’s platform can provide assessments and interviews for job-seekers, analyse them and deliver accurate and timely feedback for employers.

Application Programming Interface

For developers and recruiting platforms

  • Access Rugu’s AI

  • Get evaluations of interviews

  • Connect with other platforms

Application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and protocols for building and interacting with Rugu’s AI. Developers can build their applications that access and make use of the Rugu’s functionality, rather than accessing the service directly through Rugu’s platform.


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